Batheaston Churches in Partnership


Batheaston is a beautiful village close to the River Avon on the outskirts of the historic city of Bath. 

Our local Churches in Batheaston provide a place of welcome to local residents and visitors alike.  Here, you will find information about our village churches, service times, special events and what we, as a community of Christians are doing in the area, together. As a close-knit community, we offer people of all ages a place of tranquility, inspiration and connection.  Why not get involved and come and see us soon?





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St John the Baptist

St  John the Baptist

Catholic Church of the Good Shepherd

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St Catherine's

  Children's Activities


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for the 




   "Nothing is so strong as gentleness

nothing so gentle 

as real strength"



                St Francis de Sales



Church Services



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Cafe Church




Sunday 22nd March 2020

 (Mothering Sunday)


Cafe Church magically happens at St John's on the 4th Sunday of the month

where a jolly good breakfast is served. 


Please pop in to say hello, have a cuppa before or after the service or simply visit our Fairtrade 

stall after service each week. 



     Diary Dates 


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Our weekly, term-time and holiday activities give families of all shapes and sizes a chance to meet informally. Mums, Dads, Carers, Grans, Grandad or single parents, you are all welcome. 

There are lots of lovely events going on in our community so please keep an eye on our calendar to stay connected. 


Next Up  

World Day of Prayer - 2.15pm

The Good Shepherd Church

All Welcome on Friday 6th March



 Our churches bring people together to create active and caring communities. We help each other, we support local and national groups and causes as well as international communities in crisis. Please donate or volunteer a little if you can.


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